Wheelock College Programs

Informal Guide to Concepts and Processes

doc file     pdf file     This document explains the philosopy and pedagogy of Math 130-132 and 140/141.  It’s the best first document to read to get a feel for our program.  I wrote it for students, but it’s the document we show first to faculty interested in teaching at Wheelock or interested in our program.

MTEL Practice Questions

For the General Curriculum Mathematics Test (03)


Base Two Quiz (Random Order)

This one’s harder.

Math 140/141 Baseline Proficiencies, 2008-9

pdf file The baseline proficiencies are our “bottom line.”  Students need to get 80% correct on each quiz to pass the course.  They can retake quizzes and take them orally.

Counting in Base Two

Practice with this Sporcle quiz — three minutes to count from one to twenty-five in base two.  Let me know what you think.  This is my first Sporcle Quiz ever.

Be a Math Major at Wheelock!

Be a leader in mathematics education for children.


Primes Less than 100

Sporcle game here.   Name all the primes less than 100 in 3 minutes.

Interpreting Your Results on the MTEL Practice Questions

Unfortunately, I can’ t give you a simple scale to tell you how your score on my practice questions relates to your likely score on the MTEL.   Setting the scoring level for each test is a complex process, and the scores are scaled in a way that does not correspond to points or percentages correct. Read more >>