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Clock Buddies — A Round Robin Tournament Activity

This is a great first day of class activity, which works well with math phobic students (I use it in a math for elementary teachers class). Students make a list 1:00, 2:00, etc. on a piece of paper — however many times I assign — and then they have to make an appointment with a different student in each slot. Students move around the room making appointments and learning each other’s names. If there are an odd number of students, I passively participate, accepting appointments whenever students come and ask me.

At some point a student or a few students will announce that they are done, and I tell them they aren’t done until everyone’s schedule is filled in. It’s an interesting question to figure out a good number of appointments to give them so that they will get stuck, but not overwhelmed; I usually go for a few more than half the number of students (12 for a class of 20). Read more >>