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Pick a Number Between 0 and 1 — with Fractions!

This applet is a pick a number game, where the secret number is a fraction between 0 and 1. Enter a numerator and denominator and the computer will tell you if your fraction is too high or too low, until you guess the Secret Fraction and win.

Your previous high and low guesses are listed on the page (unless you hide the list), and there is a number line that graphs the guesses. You can change the number of divisions in the number line; the labels update automatically.

The game has several levels. Level 1 uses only fractions with denominators 2, 4, and 8, whereas Level 6 uses denominators from 2 to 16.

The applet doesn’t fit well on the page with my website theme, so you can open a new window and try it here. (Note: if you don’t see a fraction in the pink box, go to the bottom of the page and choose, “View as Java Applet,” which is what I wrote this applet as.  It does not seem to have converted correctly to HTML 5).

This applet was the most challenging to write of all the GeoGebra applets I’ve written to date — I wasn’t sure it was possible to create this game using GeoGebra, so it was quite satisfying when it came together. Here were some of the tricky parts (you can download my original file here):