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MTEL Practice Questions

For the General Curriculum Mathematics Test (03)


Interpreting Your Results on the MTEL Practice Questions

Unfortunately, I can’ t give you a simple scale to tell you how your score on my practice questions relates to your likely score on the MTEL.   Setting the scoring level for each test is a complex process, and the scores are scaled in a way that does not correspond to points or percentages correct. Read more >>

Is Teaching Math Easy or Hard: Comments on a State Meeting

Is teaching math to kids easy?   Should any reasonably intelligent person who can do “plus, times, minus, and divide” be able to start teaching elementary math tomorrow, skipping college math and all those waste-of-time education classes?  Could most smart people, if they decided to stop doing the sorts of jobs that smart people do (not elementary school teaching), walk in and immediately do a better job than most elementary teachers are currently doing?

Or, is teaching math to kids hard?   Besides all the things that make teaching elementary school hard in general – planning engaging lessons for every subject, managing classroom behavior, addressing the needs of different children, creating partnerships with parents, preparing for tests, etc. – is there some special mathematical knowledge and pedagogical knowledge that teachers need in order to help students understand fractions and multiplication, or learn how to get started on a problem they’ve never seen before?   Read more >>