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No Sitting, Minimal Bending, Mostly Bed Rest: How I Coped

Last year I had surgery that resulted in unfortunately placed stitches; in order to avoid tearing them, I couldn’t sit or bend at the waist (and for the first two weeks, I couldn’t shower and had to minimize standing and walking). The initial time frame for my recovery was four to six weeks, but for reasons that are not well understood (but are likely related to my autoimmune disorder and years of being sick), my healing was very slow, and I ended up being mostly on bed rest for three months, with another two months of transition time before I was ready to go back to living alone.


Teaching with a Chronic Illness

Last semester, I taught my first two classes wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat tilted to cover half my face, with the lights turned off. The students thought I looked cool. Read more >>