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Summer MOOCs 4: How I Decided I Didn’t Like Programming

Fourth in a series.  First one is here.

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about how the Creative Programming MOOC helped me realize that I really like programming.  To my students, colleagues, and others in my life, this revelation must come as “kind of a duh” (a favorite student phrase from several years ago), as I am the math faculty member who uses computers the most and who is often fiddling with something software-related.

The story I tell myself has been different, however.   Like many stories we tell ourselves, it’s one constructed to avoid pain.   As I start to write today, I am not sure I will be able to keep up my promise of posting something that I write this day, as I feel fear in my gut and grief in my chest, and my instincts to protect myself and keep quiet compete with my desire to share.


Summer MOOCs 3: Creative Programming

Third in a series.  First is here.

My second MOOC, Creative Programming for Digital Media and Mobile Apps, started about a week after the Mechanics ReView MOOC, and at first it seemed a joke in comparison. There were about eight videos to watch, totaling about an hour and a half, with two extras for people new to programming.  In the videos, the camera sometimes focused on a person talking about what he was typing on screen, but didn’t show the screen.  The software had been updated two days before the class started and after the videos were shot, so some instructions and visuals were no longer correct.