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Excel for Math Classes

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A video series.

I started this video series because it’s so easy to forget one little thing with technology and get stuck, and I wanted to be able to give students’ homework that used the spreadsheet skills that they learned in class. The videos were intended to remind them of commands and things we did.

I put a few videos on youtube and decided to make them open to anyone, and I was pleasantly surprised that others were interested. With this outlet, I was encouraged to keep thinking of ways to use Excel to do math in ways that the program wasn’t necessarily originally intended.

Right now I have 22 videos in the Excel for Math Classes series. I don’t have them all up on this site yet (see the menu on the left for the ones that are here with commentary, as well as copies of the actual spreadsheets), but they are all on my You Tube Channel.

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  1. Hank Borkovitz
    | Reply

    Hey Deb,
    Ya make me proud!!


  2. dborkovitz
    | Reply

    Thanks, Dad!

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